LBC Featured in Find Bliss Magazine

Featured in Februarys issue of food and wine, Los Angeles Find Bliss Magazine! 


“Love Bird Chocolates Coconut Lovers Truffles are not for the faint of heart. Vegan, raw, and organic, gifting these dark rich chocolate truffles may mean love at first bite. Made with the purity of intent, all Love Bird Chocolates are made of the finest ingredients including raw agave and fair-trade cacao. Love Bird’s dark Vegan Hearts explode with antioxidants, good for the physical and emotional heart. Coconut lovers beware: Love Bird Chocolates’ coconut truffles are lightly kissed with coconut slivers, leaving you longing for more. Both the dark rich coconut truffles and Vegan hearts are perfectly bite-sized and individually wrapped; you could spend an entire evening hand feeding these decadent treats to your very own love bird.”

adminLBC Featured in Find Bliss Magazine