Love Bird Chocolates

“Exquisite Chocolates for the Socially Conscious Gourmet.”

Here at Love Bird Chocolates we offer a wide variety of delicious chocolate items. While our main focus has been Vegan & raw chocolate truffles, as of October 2013, we are now offering delicious milk chocolate items so that everyone who may not want the vegan option can feel the love :)

Each individual Chocolate treat is patiently hand crafted with an emphasis on being present with each one.

Owner, Dominica Schaaf call her confections, “Intentional Chocolate” because every batch contains laughter and love.

” I believe that we are what we eat, so high quality real, live organic ingredients are used and I make sure to dance with my mixing bowls and sing while packaging, transferring that fun and love into every single one of my chocolates”

Vegan and Raw Coconut Lovers & Vegan bittersweet Chocolate Hearts, Recently featured in Find Bliss Magazine!


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